Sunday, May 4, 2008


Move over SMS, MMS and Texting, the latest fad with teenagers is sexting. Yes, it means what it sounds like i.e. sending racy, explicit pictures of themselves and others on the cell phone.

Its a happening thing these days in school campuses, as a local High school student said," 9 times out of 10 it is a nasty photo."

Teens told a TV station that many of their classmates(notice it is always the other class mates not the person giving the statement- that's wise dude) are using cell phones to take and send explicit photos. They said "sexting" is a major problem at most campuses.

By texting, students are able to keep their conversations secret because they're not talking on the phone. They can even use their phones in the classroom.

Some students admitted to texting up to 4000 messages in a month. Those typing fingers should be registered as a weapon. But it is OK long as kids are just texting messages, things can go out of hand with sexting because an inappropriate photo can turn into a criminal matter.

In Utah, "sexting" led to criminal charges when a parent had found an explicit photo and called police. Several students at one school were found to be texting inappropriate photos.

Portland-area prosecutors said parents can also face charges if they are aware of their child sending racy pictures and allowing it to continue.

Students said the worst part is that one photo can get to dozens of people in a matter of minutes and the photo can end up in the wrong hands.

The net circulates such graphic images all around the globe, so watch it next time you are clicking yourself in your B'day suit or the whole world might end up watching you, unless that's what you want.

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