Friday, May 16, 2008

IPL gives 6 Crore for the victims of Jaipur blasts

IPL owners and sponsors are showing their more humane side. We know that these people are in the IPL not for charity but to make money. Whats the use of money if it can not be help some good cause. This is exactly what the IPL owners and sponsors have done.

The owners and sponsors of the Indian Premier League (IPL) have decided to donate Rs 6 crore for the victims of the serial bombings that rocked the city on Tuesday.This warm gesture from them and would help the families of victims of Jaipur blasts.

"The eight franchisees and five sponsors of the league would come together to donate Rs 6 crores towards the Rajasthan chief minister's relief fund, as aid towards the victims of the terror attacks in Jaipur. This contribution will go towards the rehabilitation of the affected families of the victims," IPL chairman and commissioner said in a statement on Friday.

A cheque would be handed over to the Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje during Saturday's game between Rajasthan and the Bangalore team.

The eight IPL franchises have donated Rs 50 Lakh each, while the five IPL sponsors namely have contributed Rs 40 Lakh each, the statement said.

As a mark of respect to the victims of the terror attacks, both the teams will wear black armbands during the game on Saturday.

This goes a long way to show that India Stands together in the face of tragedy and terror. I hope the unifying spirit of IPL prevails and brings peace and harmony in the nation which is melting pot of all religions, races and cultures, just like the IPL. In this lies the strength and uniqueness of India.

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