Monday, May 19, 2008

IPL Trophy

The diamond-studded Indian Premier League (IPL) winner's trophy, encrusted with other precious gems like rubies and yellow and blue sapphires, was unveiled on Monday by IPL Chairman and Commissioner Lalit Modi.

"It's a handcrafted and very expensive rotating trophy, the value of which, I will not reveal. It has been crafted by ORRA's design team," said Modi at the trophy unveiling function.

Refusing to disclose the value of the IPL trophy, Modi said, the winning team, who would be richer by $12,00,000, would get to keep the replica of the IPL trophy as the original one was a rotating trophy.

"With ORRA’s big reputation, it was an obvious choice for us to commission ORRA for creating a truly distinct and exquisite work of art, one befitting the stature and success of the IPL.

"Needless to say that the trophy that has been unveiled now, will definitely take pride of place in the trophy showcase of one of our franchises after the grand final on June 1," he said.

The IPL Trophy, which has a player in gold leafing, holding a bat adjacent to a map of the country with the names of the IPL teams engraved in it and symbolised by eight rubies, was crafted by 14 artisans, said chief designer Mona Mehta.

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