Saturday, March 14, 2009

Indo Canadian MP Ruby Dhalla in hot Movie

Who is the sexiest Indian Politician in the world? Well not Sonia Gandhi for sure. Indian-Canadian MP Ruby Dhalla is listed as the third sexiest women politicians in the world by Maxim magazine. Dhalla and British Columbia Conservative MP Nina Grewal are the first Sikh women to serve in the Canadian House of Commons.

Ruby Dhalla was an aspiring bollywood actress before she jumped into politics. She acted in a lead role in the film “Kyon Kis Liye” made in Canada. Dhalla is shown in some hot steamy scenes in the movie Kyon Kis Liye with the film’s producer and co-star Charanjit Sihra.

The 35-year-old Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine, Dhalla says the scenes in the film, and distribution posters for DVDs have been “doctored” to malign her.

The film is based on the local Sukhinder Dhillon murder case in which the wife was poisoned by her husband to collect insurance money . Kyon Kis Liye was released in India and Canada without much success. But the present controvery might rake in the moolah for the producer with sale of DVD's of Kyon Kis Liye picking up.

But Dhalla has mounted a legal challenge to stop it. A 1993 Miss IndiaCanada runner-up, Dhalla claims she is being misrepresented through objectionable scenes. “...they put my face on someone else’s body , in clothes I never wore,” she told local daily Toronto Sun.

“I have worked extremely hard to get to where I am and will not be exploited by individuals.” But producer and co-star Charanjit Sihra, who owns a body shop in Hamilton, said Dhalla had given her consent in writing for the distribution of the film DVDs.

The movie producer said there was “nothing sexual” in the film (just too bad). “Her mother was there every day (during the shooting of the film)... there is no nudity, or sex(Yikes! whats all the fuss about dude),” he said.

He said, "She wanted to be in Bollywood films...she had a passion for the movie, but she's a politician now and doesn't want the DVD of the film released.'' Sihra said he had first met Dhalla in 1993 after she became a runner-up in the Miss Canada-India beauty contest.

Well we would certainly like to watch the objectionable nude and steamy scenes from movie Kyon Kis Liye. Post the link to the Video of Kyon Kis Liye please.

Just in case you are wondering who is the sexiest woman politician in the world here is a picture of Mara Carfagna, an Italian . Mara Carfagna is a Member of Chamber of Deputies (Campania 2), Minister for Equal Opportunity (Brings a smile to your face,does't it!)

Don't we deserve some hot looking politician like her!!! I mean look at the cut outs of Adavani, Manmohan Sigh, Mayawati, Jayalalitha, Lalu Parsad....We must be voting for the wrong kinda people here. And if we had to have an imported Italian politician why couldn't we get someone like Mara Carfagna. Jago India Jago.