Monday, June 8, 2009

Sheetal Mafatlal Arrested, Jailed

Sheetal Mafatlal, a socialite and president of Mafatlal Luxury(Ghar ki Dukan) was arrested on Monday for carrying undisclosed jewelery and diamonds worth several lakhs of rupees. Mafatla has been sent to judicial custody till June 12.

Sheetal Mafatlal was detained on Sunday when she landed at the Chhatrapati Shivaji International airport. The Customs officials searched the socialite at the airport on specific information and recovered undisclosed jewellery estimated to be between Rs 53 lakh and one crore from her bag.(This will embarrass Sheetal Mafatlal,because 1 crore is too less in the circles she moves.)

Exact value of the recovered ornaments is yet to be ascertained.(this is ray of hope for Sheetal, She should claim it to be worth 10 crore to save face..errr but that could sent her to jail for a long time. What a paradox!)

Mafatlal, who arrived in a British Airways flight was detained for declaring the jewelry worth Rs 1 cr. as mere Rs 30 lakhs.(are you sure it was not the other way around?)
Meanwhile, Mafatlal’s lawyer has said that that the arrest has been done at the instance of some "disgruntled opponent"(does this mean the jewellery charge was fabricated by the customs?) of Atulya, her husband and scion of Mafatlal industries. “Sheetal was arrested on Saturday night when she was returning from London after the police was tipped by some disgruntled opponent(might as well have blames it on Pakistan and ISI, two birds with one stone) of the Mafatlal family and industry,” Lawyer claimed outside the Esplenade court in Mumbai where Sheetal will be produced.

Sheetal had 51 items in her possession including bangles, chains and rings and the most valuable jewelery was worth Rs 2.5 lakh, he said adding that he would file a bail application. “The jewelery was given to her by her father-in-law and was used ones. According to a Supreme Court ruling, if the value of the gold is less than Rs one crore and the duty is less than Rs 30 lakh then the offence is bailable,” he said. (lawyer ki to ban gayi yaro. 10 lakh fees to hogi hi)

All we can do is pray that the mosquitos don't faint after biting her in jail and prisoners do not choke on her perfume odour.

As for Sheetal Mafatlal, one lucky dame, now she will regale people at those Page 3 parties with her jail escapade. What an adventure man.