Friday, May 16, 2008

Indian Wins Miss Transvestite 2008

Shinata Sangha made history as the first Indian to win a major trans gender beauty pageant.
"I made history. I am the world's first ever South Asian transgender beauty queen and supermodel,' proudly declares 19-yr-old Shinata Sangha from London in an exclusive chat with us. Shinata was declared Miss Transvestite 2008 in UK & became the first ever South Asian transgender beauty queen.

Born to Indian parents who migrated to England when Shinata was a child, Shinata says she always wanted to be famous. "I've watched pageants since I was four. They were everything I wanted to be a part of. Then I'd tell my family I wanted to be Miss India & then win Miss World crown. They'd laugh it off thinking it a phase." Little did they know that 13 yrs later, their boy would become the first ever South Asian person of transgender to win beauty pageants. Winning style: "I was crowned the winner of Miss Glamour Queen UK 2006 at 17; then won Miss UK Transvestite 2006. I won the International Queen of Nations in 2007, was 2nd runner-up at Miss Mango Tree International Lady-Boy Pageant 2007, Miss Alternative London 2007 & finally T-Girl of 2008".

"I have faced death threats, hatred, abuse and been been disowned by my own community ," says Shinata of her determination to pursue this route to fame.

Breaking out of a male body to her present female form was also not easy though her parents stood , by her. "I decided to tell my family & friends the way I felt at age 15. I knew I stood the risk of being rejected, abused & kicked out. But no, my family supported me & still do. But my Asian community in UK, did everything to humiliate, harass and even kill me."

Shinata, is a successful model & stage artist, set to feature in a film & earns enough to support her family "I too am human, a child of God . & have the right to live with dignity & grace just like others."

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