Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Indian Maruti's Causing World Oil Shortage

India's progress is hurting the US interests. First Indians caused a Global Food shortage in the world by just eating two square meals a day, now the US has blamed India for rising Oil prices.

Not cooking oil bozo, they are talking about fuel you put in your 20 kms/litre Maruti. Americans need this fuel for their week end getaways, fuel guzzling monster trucks, Nascar races, Bombing the world with thier figter jets.

Next time you buy Rs. 100 fuel for your battered Maruti you better think about the poor Americans suffering because of your extravagence. (Will it be too embarrasing to buy less than Rs. 100 petrol for cars?)

White House Deputy Spokesman, Scott Stanzel said many developing countries such as India or China are having greatly increased demand, which obviously is having an impact on price, the senior White House official said responding to a question on the crude oil price crossing USD 120-mark.

Stanzel also referred to President George W Bush’s remarks which have drawn a lot of flak from every section in India, saying the United States saw "higher living standards" of people there as a "good thing"(but a bad thing for US citizens).

It is heartening to know that people in developing countries now have higher and higher standards of living, he said. (he means they are actully eating food now!)

However, he apparently did not go back on Bush's point that Indian food habits were contributing to spiralling prices of commodities, which in turn, were worsening the global food crisis. (It has not become a habit yet, Indians could still go back to starving)

Three days ago, Bush had specifically took the case of Indian middle class to argue that its demand for better nutrition was a factor in pushing the global food prices up.

"There are 350 million people in India who are classified as middle class. That's bigger than America. Their middle class is larger than our entire population.(and yet the total consumption is less than the US.)

"And when you start getting wealth, you start demanding better nutrition and better food, and so demand is high, and that causes the price to go up," Bush had said.(Are all Americans as dumb as Bush or was he elected to mislead the world?)

Meanwhile, the senior White House official also defended US policy on bio fuels saying it was having just a "small impact" on the rising prices of food commodities.(They need alternative fuel to keep driving their two cars per family, whats a little corn here or there, it is chicken feed.)

"There's been a lot of discussion about bio fuels and the impact that bio fuels have on increase food prices around the world. As you'll see here, over the last year, food prices have increased about 43 per cent around the world.

Mr Bush’s remarks on Indian middle class had touched off a furore in India with political parties across the spectrum making critical comments and defence minister AK Antony describing them as a “cruel joke”.

Noting that the US is importing about 12 million barrels of oil per day, Mr Stanzel said the record oil price was “another example that it’s important for the US to become less dependent on foreign sources of energy”.

After consuming most of the world's oil supply that seems like a sensible thing to do, meanwhile blame it on the Indians.

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