Sunday, May 4, 2008

Mallika's Short Dress Raises Protests in Chennai

After the IPL T20 Cheerleaders' the moral brigade has trined its gun (no pun intended heh heh heh) on our home grown desi bombshell Malkia Sherawat.

Mallika had performed during the music release of Dasavataram where Jackie Chan, Amitabh Bachan and even Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi were present.Mallika's provocative" style of dressing at the Dasavatharam audio launch has irked the fundamentalists.

And the self-proclaimed upholders of Tamil pride suddenly got fired up over performances by filmstars during the function. I like their job though, they get to watch the hottest babes and then they protest about them. (Did I hear anyone say "Sour Grapes")

The petitioner, Kanirajan, an activist of Hindu Makkal Katchi said in his complaint that Mallika's dress had Tamilians cringing and hanging their heads (We know why they were banging their heads and other things) in shame even as she sat cross legged in her skimpy outfit with veteren politician Karunanidhi on stage.

The police refused to register a complaint saying the dress code cannot be imposed upon anyone and doesn't constitute an offence. Three cheers for Tamil Police (The real police Man, not the moral police)

Last year southern star Shreya had to apologise for her outfit that she wore during celebrations of Rajnikanth's superhit Sivaji. (please Feel Free to post links to Shreya's pictures in comments)

Now here is a thought for all the unemployed youth out there. Join the moral briagade. You will get to watch beautiful babes and then you can protest (although your reason for protest could be different, e.g. too many clothes or the length of the dress being too long) How about that! Just an idea.

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