Monday, September 14, 2009

Mandira Bedi Maxims and Fashion Show pictures

Of course you remember Mandira Bedi the spaghetti strapped cricket hostess on TV. Viewers thought she looked hot in those saris. Many non cricket fans were there to watch Mandira Bedi host the show. The lady has moved on from those spaghetti strap days to much more daring picture shoots and skin show.

Many wonder if she really needed to do this as her image as a classy dame was well established. Infact she herself is reporeted to have said that she is not very sure if she should have done the Maxim's cover shoot. Personally I thought Madira Bedi's Maixm pictures were brealy all right. Nothing much to write home about. Yes, she looked good and hot but it was pretty tasteful.

That was untill her recent disaster at the Kolkata Fashion week. The usually well turned out Mandira Bedi stepped out draped in a black embroidered zari Satya Paul sari and a low-cut (and when we say low-cut we mean real low-cut) blouse. The blouse was ill fitted with her bust literaly falling out. Most people present thought that Mandira Bedi was not the right choice to model the sari.

We are wondering why she has to go on wearing less and less clothes (not that we mind) ? Is Mandira really so desperate for work that she has to show it all for work?