Monday, May 5, 2008

Cousins Travel to War Zones for Holiday Fun

You and I search the travel brochure for peaceful, beautiful and maybe cheap holiday Getaways, but these two English cousins search the news for the strife torn areas on the globe. Two English cousins travel to war zones across the globe for adventure travel. They seek dangerous holidays for fun.

Their decision on where to travel next is based on how bad the condition in a given area is. The worse the better. Guns and gore is their cuppa tea.

They said their families did not mind. They asked their kids if they would prefer a dad at home who goes to work five days a week and drinks beer in front of the television on the week end or one who is daring enough to go to places where no sane traveler would go.The kid, it seems, was all thumbs up for Dad's travel mania.

As of now they have been to Afghanistan, Tribal areas of Pakistan (totally lawless area). They had a close call with the Taliban in Afghanistan. They barely survived the Chernobyl radiation. Both of them are fond of guns and have fired different weapons in different countries.

The cousins take help of locals to see the area and get a first hand experience of the suffering and pain of the refugees. They have had a few close shaves with life threatening situations, but then that is the whole point of their travel.

When asked where they would be heading next? They said they were keen on Angola. I hope the situation there does not improve too much for their taste.

Good luck fellas, as for me I would take a peaceful beach holiday over an all paid for Iraqi sight seeing trip. To each his own I guess.

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