Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Midwest Teen Sex Show

Midwest Teen Sex Show is a comic, semi-educational video podcast featured monthly at Midwest Teen Sex Show with host Nikol Hasler, featuring comedian Britney Barber and produced and directed by Guy Clark.

The Midwest Teen Sex Show features tongue-in-cheek(No hideen meanings, I just mean tongue in cheek) humor while providing basics on sex topics such as masturbation, homosexuality and dating older men (somethings you are probably too shy to discuss with your family).

They trio works on a very low budget(but it is working and getting popular). Episodes are filmed at Hasler's home in Waukesha, Wisconsin and Clark's mother's house in Woodstock, Illinois, although recent episodes have also been shot at Resolution Digital Studios in Chicago.

The Midwest Teen Sex Show episodes, written by the three friends, range from three to five minutes along with occasional guest stars. Hasler performs as the sarcastic host or interviewer, while Barber plays various comic parts, often interacting with herself as the other character. Clark has also appeared in small parts in various episodes.

The theme song is by Gordon Tebo (who also went to high school with Clark and Hasler) and Britney Barber holds the Midwest Teen Sex Show sign (showm above)in the farm field.

Since June 6, 2007, there have been fourteen episodes. The show does not have a regular release schedule.The Midwest Teen Sex Show is getting popular by the day.

The show has its share of critics and controversy, particularly among sex-education teachers and therapists. While some praise it for tapping a hard-to-reach audience, others worry it's too racy for younger teens, and still others say the podcast focuses too much on humor and not enough on the facts kids need.


In "The Older Boyfriend" episode, when Hasler says, "If you're in junior high and you're dating someone who's out of high school, he's a pedophile. And paedophilia's a disease. Would you date someone with cancer? No." The sarcastic remark (which was meant to be taken as a joke) drew a large amount of angry responses on the program's Web site as well as emails. When the 'Morning Show' episode re-aired in January, complaints about the remark flared up again. More controversy came when they started selling a satirical t-shirt that stated "Homosexuality is a choice, like cancer." Reaction was so heated and split that the creators decided to discontinue the shirt after only a week.

The show Web site has a disclaimer that "all advice given is simply opinion and should not be taken as fact.

List of Releases:

1. Female Masturbation
2. Abstinence
3. The Older Boyfriend
4. Birth Control
5. The First Time
6. Gym Class
7. Homosexuality, Part One
8. Beatin' It (Masturbation)]
9. Syphillis
10. Dating
11. Backdoor Business (Anal Sex)
12. Parents
13. Porn -
14. Oral Sex
15. Break-Ups

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