Monday, April 14, 2008

wardrobe malfunction or spicey hot slips?

Uplifting snaps show just how perilous life can be for a glamorous girl busting to be seen in front of the cameras.

No stranger to baring all, no-one should have been surprised when busty pin-up Jordan, 29, made an unexpected appearance at her book signing.

Promoting her new work: ‘Pushed To The Limit' she did exactly that to her low-cut red and white dress.

Pop princess Lily Allen, 22, ironically grabbed some headlines for her New Look clothing and accessories range-when she forgot to dress properly.

A bit too relaxed, the ‘Smile' singer let a little too much hang out of her blue top.

Fans of the gorgeous Nadine Coyle, 22, got a surprise when she coyly exposed her nipple while arriving at G.A.Y in London's Astoria.

Fellow pop group member Sarah Harding, 26, gave us a sneaky peek of her left breast when she blew a kiss to fans on Oxford Street.

Paris Hilton, 27, seemed to be doing everything right when she paired up with her upmarket mum Kathy Hilton for a posh lunch in swanky Beverley Hills.

But it was another twosome that stole the limelight when Paris accidentally leaned forward too far.

And she lost her top completely when she took a dip in the sea.

Another posh lady demurely giving us a treat was double-barrelled Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, 36, with her arrival at The Opera House in Holland Park.

And the gorgeous Nell McAndrew, 34, showed why she's everyone's favourite pin-up when she slipped ever-so-slightly out of a figure-hugging gold corset.

Big Brother star and former lap dancer Charlie Uchea, 22, had no room for subtlety as she showed off how upfront she could be at London's Embassy Club.

And former model Sophie Anderton, 30, revealed her true colours as she arrived with barely a stitch of clothing at the Mayfair Club.

Glamour girl Alicia Duvall popped out of her bra while strolling down the street. Her strapless black dress clearly couldn't keep up with the active socialite.

Even Amy Winehouse, 24, showed her bad behaviour can extend to her dress sense, as she clumsily flopped out of a car in a dirty beige loose-strapped top.

It's all a far cry from demure Posh Spice Victoria Beckham, 33. Posing for an shoot outside The Louvre in France, David Beckham's squeeze looked a masterpiece behind the thinnest of beige tops.

Lost actress Bai Ling, 36, inadvertently popped out of her dress while attending the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, California.

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