Monday, April 28, 2008

Actress Molested

Hire your help with care. A south Indian starlet was molested by her domestic help. We wonder whether he just came back from watching her movie. Anyways the guy got frisky with the actress and pawed her from behind.

A model and small-time actor Sona Bhatia (23) lodged a complaint with the Oshiwara police on Saturday night, alleging that her 21-year-old servant molested her.

Shankar, who had been working for the Bhatias for two years, was arrested on Saturday night.

Bhatia lives with her mother and younger brother in a rented house in the Residency Building in Lokhandwala area in Andheri (West).

Bhatia, who has acted in South Indian and Bollywood films, was alone in the house when the incident occurred. Her mother was at a neighbour’s place.

“The model was sitting in the drawing room, wearing a nightgown. Chowdhary, who was in the kitchen, came to the drawing room for cleaning work. All of a sudden, Chowdhary grabbed her from behind and molested her,” said a Police officer. That must have come as an aftershock for the poor actress.

Bhatia screamed and managed to free herself. She ran to her bedroom, locked the door and called up her mother. Later on Saturday night, Bhatia and her mother filed a complaint and the police arrested Chowdhary.

“We have arrested Chowdhary on charge of molestation. He was sent to a holiday court( No! it is not a court that sends you on a holiday, it is a court that works on a holiday:)) on Sunday and was remanded in police custody till Monday,” added Sankhe.

The model said she was shocked by Chowdhary’s action. “I had trusted Chowdhary but he back stabbed (did you hear that, Back-stabbed!!) me. I had employed him as he was poor. He has betrayed me,” said Bhatia.

I mean wasn't it bad enough for the actresses that the producers and directors were grabbing them and now this. Its and out rage. Down with back grabbing errr I mean back stabbing and grabbing domestic help.

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