Sunday, April 27, 2008

Cheerleaders Cover Up

We have done it again. The moral brigade has succeeded in its agenda. The cheer leaders have been covered from head to toe.

And who are the most disappointed people? I can tell you, its not the ones who were not protesting, because they could not care less what the cheer leaders were doing. They were watching the cricket match not the cheerleaders. Who was ogling at the cheerleaders? The moral brigade of course. That was a no brainer. Now that they have covered up in public what the lust after in private, they are the ones who are going to sulk. They will be searching for the next target for their rage.

Meanwhile guys, I hope you are enjoying the IPLT20. There are lot of fire works out there even with covered up cheerleaders. I just hope the heat does not become unbearable for the ladies, it certainly did become too hot for Indian politicians.

I visited a site which showed the picture of an Indian film actress along with the picture of cheerleaders and guess who looked more provocative and less clad? YUP! you guessed it right.
Just so that you know what I am talking about look at the pic below. I will rest my case. you can judge for yourself.

I wonder how many politicians and their families and their followers have watched Hindi films?
This is a Family blog (sic) so I will not even ask the moral brigade how many have watched films in the color blue.

P.S. -This is no reflection on the artist shown above. She is welcome to undress or cover up as much she likes. I am sure her fan's like what they see.

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