Saturday, April 26, 2008

Politicians and IPLT20 Cheerleaders

After Maharashtra it is the turn of the West Bengal politicians to try and ban IPL cheerleaders. I think the only place politicians can tolerate some cheer leading is at their political rallies. I have seen sexy folk singers performing at political rallies to pull in the crowds and to entertain them till the leader arrives ( which is usually hours later than the appointed time).

West Bengal sports minister Subhas Chakraborty on Friday expressed strong reservations against the “wild dancing” of IPL cheerleaders. “It goes against our tradition and culture,” he said. He said he would take up the matter with Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee and convey his feelings on the issue. I think he should be more concerned with rising prices of Dal and rice.

The minister said the kind of dresses the cheerleaders wear and the dance items they present during the games cannot be acceptable to thousands of spectators(who forced anyone to become a spectator?) who watch the matches with their children, parents and elderly relatives (hey! ever heard of remote control? change the channel dude). He also came down heavily on the IPL matches saying they have been copied from the West.(where does he think cricket came from?)

However, Bhattacharjee was not ready to be drawn into the contentious issue. A visibly peeved CM said: “I don’t keep myself posted with any news about the issue. Nor do I have any wish to do so.”(well done CM)

Meanwhile, Union Information and Broadcasting Minister Priya Ranjan Dasmunshi too refused to get embroiled in the controversy. He said the issue about the cheerleaders was not one that affected the ethos of the nation. “This is a controversy created by the media. I do not believe Indian culture can be harmed by the cheerleaders,” he said.( are our cultural values so shallow that they can be destroyed by cheerleaders!!!)

It seems some sense has prevailed in Mumbai and there will be no bar on dance in IPL matches played in Mumbai, as long as there’s no “vulgarity” that would embarrass families in the stadium.(families have a choice to stay home and not to watch IPL or cheerleaders)

Navi Mumbai police softened their stand of not allowing IPL cheerleaders at the games, saying the entertainers had valid performance licenses. Any vulgarity, however, would invite strict action, Navi Mumbai police chief Ramrao Wagh said.

“The dances should be decent and the clothes sober. The license law is clear about vulgarity in performances,” Wagh said. He could not define vulgarity, though: “It’s difficult to define; it’s a Grey area... Even courts have not defined it clearly. The officer on the spot will decide.”(next the cop on spot will decide if you are wearing vulgar clothes or if you are looking vulgar. Hide your face girl, it might be vulgar)

The police chief refused to say if any cheerleader had been ‘vulgar’ so far. He had not seen any match, he said. But, he insisted, “their performances in the city will be very different from what you have seen so far”.(doesn't he have a job to do? catching murderers, thieves, looters, rapists. I thought thats what our taxes paid for in his salary)

Doesn't it get into their politician's thick skull that if the public did not like it the public will not watch it and there will be no IPLT20 or cheerleaders to watch. It will die its own death if the public thought it is vulgar. There are other pressing problems in India which need to be solved, like poverty, education, female foeticide, AIDS, electricity, water, farmers suicides and many more. Leave the cheerleaders alone dudes, do your politicking some place else.

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