Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Sanjay Dutt, Manyata not married

Manyata's first husband Meraj Rehman had claimed that he never divorced Manyata and hence her marriage to Sanjay Dutt is a criminal offence of bigamy. Talk about a jealous husband going to court to teach his wife and her lover a lesson.

It gets murkier and interesting. The husband himself is an under trial for sending obscene SMSes to Manyata. And you thought there is nothing to hide between a husband and wife. Be careful what you SMS to your spouse next time. You can be dragged to court for telling her she looked fat today.

Coming back to our main story, the couple denied they were married. Talk about love and vows thrown out of the window at the first sign of trouble.

The couple said they have not committed an offence of bigamy as there is no material to prove the validity of their marriage under law. Dutt and Manyata, in their application, said that in order to prosecute them for bigamous marriage, it is necessary that their marriage must be proved valid.

(Are they going to claim that the above picture is a part of film shoot?)

The application said that in the absence of any material to prove that they are married, no offence of bigamy can be made out against them.

The couple claimed that in the absence of any proof of essential ceremonies of a valid marriage, no inference of marriage between them can be drawn.

Additional Sessions Judge S N Sardesai on Monday admitted the application and stayed the proceedings against Dutt and Manyata in the Bandra court and called for the records of the case.

Anyways let us hope they all live happily ever after. No I do not mean the trio lives happily together (kinky), I mean in their respective homes dude.

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