Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ban the IPL cheerleaders !!!

Soon you might have an A-Adult Rating Tag on the IPLT20 match advertisment. If the moral brigade and some politicians have their way this absurd notion could actually become reality.Sorry kids, you are not allowed in the stadium, you are too young to watch IPLT20.

Today Bharatiya Janata Party leader Shatrughan Sinha criticised the presence of the cheerleaders at the Indian Premiere League matches.

Hitting out at the organisers of the IPL for the presence of cheer-girls at the stadiums, actor-turned politician today (April 24) said organisers are making a 'mockery' of cricket.

He termed the move to bring cheer girls from abroad for performing as "indecent dance".(I wonder what did was he thinking when he was dancing around in movies!) Sinha said it is "difficult to find cricket in these matches".

In a rather strong criticism of the cheerleaders the actor & MP has said it is better to employ bar girls who are out of work after the Maharashtra government banned them rather than employ scantily clad cheerleaders.Since we are good at banning stuff lets ban the cheerleaders and some political parties (e.g. BJP opponent Congress) while we are at it.

Earlier, CPI leader D Raja said one cannot expect any ethics or morality since cheerleaders are fallout of commercialising the game. Since anything the public enjoys is against the ethics and morality (according to the communists) why not ban cricket itself?

Popular Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi said the girls in skimpy outfits on the cricket ground were a distraction for batsmen. He wanted a ban on them.Then he would say ban females from the stadium because they distract him. Are you here to play cricket or watch the babes dude?

The Maharashtra government on Thursday said that it was considering a ban on cheerleaders in the DLF IPL matches in Mumbai. The objection on the cheerleaders was raised in the State Legislative Council by Maharashtra BJP president Nitin Gadkari, who is also a member of the House. Gadkari said it was degrading to women and should be banned.

"If the state has banned dance bars then how is it allowing vulgar dances by scantily-clad cheerleaders in IPL matches?" he asked. Maharahstra's Minister of State for Home, Siddharam Mhetre, said the home department would examine the issue and take a decision accordingly.

Hey how about scantily clad film heroines dancing in water falls?

The BCCI's stand on this entire episode is still unknown as IPL commissioner and BCCI vice-president, Lalit Modi declined of being aware of any such objections on the cheerleaders.

"I have not heard the ministers statement and cannot respond directly to this."

He, however, assured that all necessary guidelines have been followed by the IPL.

"All necessary guidelines for the performances of cheerleaders at IPL matches have been followed. We have broken no rules," he added.

Modi defended the cheerleaders saying, "If there are dancers on stage for so many Bollywood stage shows, why should there be any objection to cheerleaders. We call them cheerleaders and others call them dancers".

So ,do we watch IPLT20 for the game or the cheerleaders? I would say both, after all T20 cricket always had drama, action and suspense, all it was missing was glamour, now we have that too. Who are we to complain? Don't like it, don't watch it. simple


udtacheetah said...

If you are watching the IPL match on TV you will see how the camera man focuses on the body of the cheerleaders and that is creating vulgarity. The cheerleader is new concept but as it is going right now in IPL because of camera man it is obscene for sure. Moreover the cheer leaders have said that they are getting some very lewd comments from the crowd and are bit worried. Though banning is tad harsh we can use that concept for the promotion of the Indian culture in some ways.

Anonymous said...

yo! where u from?
your article is totally biased.
you want to see game or gals?

ask them to open a strip club, so that those who want to see gals can do it with full enjoyment.

let the game juat a game. bollowood is already doing the nacked job.

Akshay said...

What is wrong with you all ??? It's cheer leading and i don't see anything wrong in it. We Indian's always have problem keeping up with time. Anonymous guy if you really think it's a wrong concept that you better send your kids to a pathshala instead of an English medium school and don't ever write in English again. Cheer leading is a sports and adding It in to a British game not even Indian is not wrong. See it as as a sports and if you have vulgarity in your eyes than you'll see it vulgar otherwise not.

Eadwine said...

Well, these are one of the time i feel bad to say I am an Indian. WHat the hell is wrong with you people? you get your head stuck in your ass so much that you dont even know where your head ends and your ass begins, you are so full of your self. When you embrace some thing you should do the rest too. I accept to the previous posts. if you dont want them, leave everything that they give.

If you dont want, dont play cricket, dont wear, pant and shirt, dont wear or eat any damn shit that are not theirs. You basically are sick, selfish, self centered ass lickers.

monalisa said...

com'on this is not real cheerleading????? just skin show..... u wanna c real cheerleading.... go to youtube and type uca national competetion...

PRATEEK said...

i think it should be banned.....
because there is no use of spending money on this mean work.....


blue_vampyre601 said...

i really think that cheerleaders ought to be banned at other sporting events like the ipl... we are here to watch the game, not them. you have to agree that the majority of the indian crowd is cheap, and i think that it gives them the license to think of women as mere objects !!!