Thursday, July 24, 2008

Stunning Animal attack videos

Even trained and domesticated animals can be unpredicatable as these videos show. For all of you who poke and tease animals this should be a fair warning.

Warning: These videos are really graphic and violent so faint hearted please refrain from viewing them.

In this other video the elephant takes out its pent up frustration on its trainer cum owner. Moral of the story: don't tease something with a trunk cause it can boot you.

How people think they are very brave if they can play around with lions. Remember all those movies where the villain or his henchman has a puma or a cheetah on a leash. Well this poor guy also thought that it will make him look brave if he would pet this lion. Unfortunately the lion had other ideas.

So guys don't pet your pet too much it might just spring a surprise on you.

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