Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sherlyn Chopra in Big Boss

The Big Boss TV show has suffered a set back with the exit of Jane Goody but it might recoup its ratings through the entry of sexy Sherlyn Chopra.

With Jade Goody on her way back to Britain from Indian reality show Bigg Boss after she was diagnosed with cancer, speculations are rife that item girl Sherlyn Chopra will take her place.

"For Sherlyn to say 'yes' to Bigg Boss, she needs a great incentive," her publicist Dale Bhagwagar said in an official release. "She will agree to be on the show only if she gets what she deserves to be away for a full three months from the promotions of her latest musical success Dard-e-Sherlyn," he added.

Sherlyn was earlier approached for the show, but she was dropped because she had asked Endemol India, the production house, to pay her Rs 30 million for her stay in the Bigg Boss house.

She had even asked the production house to allow cameras to be installed in the bathrooms of the house so that she could flaunt her vast collection of colourful bikinis and inner wear while bathing.

To this, Bhagwagar said: "With her characteristic boldness and flamboyance, she is capable of making the Television Rating Points (TRPs) of any TV programme hit the roof." The publicist, however, made it clear that "Sherlyn won't be interested in the show without the perks."

Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty, who won the Celebrity Big Brother in Britain, is hosting the show. The show is facing protests from conservative sections of the society with some political leaders gaining cheap mileage by inciting people.

It might boomrang on them as it is bringing more publicity for the Big Boss.

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