Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Yana Gupta without Panties pics

Well...I am not so sure if the second rate celebrities do it for cheap publicity or its just one of those things which happens unconsciously. You be the judge of that.

It seems that wardrobe malfunctions were the norm at fashion shows or stage shows of unknown wannabes. What takes the cake is missing pieces of propriety or undies, if you please. In this case Yana Gupta was seen without panties at a social function.

Her short black dress kept getting hitched up and now people are scourging the net for Yana Gupta's pictures and video without panties.

Do let me remind you that certain parts of human anatomy are more fascinating and alluring when not visible. Some pals of mine would even go so far as saying " you seen one you have seen all" To those others would respond " you ain't seen nuthin as yet dude"

To this my rejoinder would be an age old Punjabi joke :
Santa (for want of better name and the effort of using my grey cell I choose tried n tested santa banta nomenclature) comes back from England and Banta is all curious about his escapades with Goris and pesters Santa to tell all.

Santa: I met his mem in the mall and she winked at me and i winked back at her.
Banta: fir ..fir ..fir ki hoya ..(what happened next)

Santa: She invited me over to her apartment and i went with her
Banta: fir ..fir ..fir ki hoya ...

Santa: Well...we kissed and slowly undressed each other...
Banta: fir ..fir ..fir ki hoya ... (while drooling a bit)

Santa ( a lil exasperated by all the pestering by now) : Fir ki hona si..fir ohi hoya jo ludhiany hunda hega... (what the heck could happen..the same that happens back home in Ludhiana)

So guys...Stop searching for Nude pictures of Yana Gupta and she is a Gori anyways..use your common sense and hit a xxx site....saves u lotsa time n effort...

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