Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Skinny Cow The Best life Diet

How we want a diet where we can eat stuff we really enjoy , yet not put on the rolls of layers around the middle. Here might be your answer to your prayers from the Best life diet from skinny cow.

Finally here is something you can indulge in and not put on weight. Seems Like a dream, Right!

Have you heard of skinny cow? Well Skinny Cow products from Nestles are hot at the moment and the reason for this is because you can indulge in what looks like to be bad fatty food, but indeed it is not as they are pure healthy products.

Skinny Cow products are for those who have the ultimate sweet tooth and these products are favored by dieters, these are without a doubt very good as part of the best life diet for slimming and weight loss. The latest product from Skinny Cow is “Skinny Dippers which is a new ice cream bar. These Skinny Dippers are ice cream bars which at the end of them are covered in chocolate (basically dipped in chocolate hence the name “Dippers”), you may be thinking of all those calories and fat content but you need not worry because one bar of ice cream only contains 80 calories and 3 grams of fat, they have many other products.

The good thing about Skinny Cow that we really love is the fact that these products can help not only adults but our children, today's kids are growing fast and we do not mean just in height either, we are talking about how large they are getting in between. Children are becoming overweight and this is a major concern. Kids love these ice creams and they are a good source to start their diet, they will not even know the difference between the normal fatty factor ice cream and these slimming wonder products.

Skinny Dippers have 2 grams of fiber and are only 1 Weight Watchers POINT. They come in caramel and mint flavors. Obviously Skinny Cow has more products for you to indulge your sweet tooth. It is the best life diet from skinny cow. Here is a product example from Skinny cow
Hi, I’m Skinny, and I love ice cream.

Not the “I’ll have a small scoop in a dish” kinda love. The kind of love that can justify two chocolate peanut butter ice cream sandwiches by noon.

An ice cream habit like that can be pretty tough on a girl’s figure. That’s why I set out to make an ice cream that wasn’t the enemy.

I spent hours in my kitchen concocting the perfect rich and creamy recipe. When I was done, I scooped it high between two chocolatey wafers, and voilá, my famous low fat ice cream sandwich was born!

Now I’ve got all kinds of dreamy low fat snacks for you to enjoy: crispy cones, creamy bars, and my classic sandwiches in all the yummiest ice cream flavors.

Fill up your freezer and enjoy!

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